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22 July 2013 @ 12:50 am
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This post will be constantly updated. All fics are organized alphabetically.


(TWO-SHOT; G; Crack/Angst; Kris/EXO-M/plushies; COMPLETE)
Being a daddy is hard work, but one little red dragon thinks otherwise. If Daddy has time for his other children, why doesn't he have time for him?

Fresh off the Runway
(ONE-SHOT; G; Crack; EXO-M, Kris/Lay; COMPLETE)
Kris sets out to practice his famous airport runway walk. But nothing goes as planned.

Luhan Reacts
(ONE-SHOT; G; Crack; EXO-M, Luhan/exochocolate/Kris; COMPLETE)
EXO’s newest teasers are released and Luhan wants to see what international fans think. Stumbling across exochocolate, he asks his buddy Kris to translate the comments for him.

Make it Work
(MULTI-CHAPTERED; PG-13; AU, Crack; OT12 and other idols; COMPLETE)
Twelve designers compete for the chance to win Project Runway. Who will be the last one standing?
Based on the reality tv show Project Runway.

(MULTI-CHAPTERED; PG-13; AU, Drama, Supernatural; Lay/Kris OTP; COMPLETE)
Zhang Yixing, a reclusive sculptor, has fallen madly in love….with one of his own creations. Too bad Kris is only a sculpture. Or is he?

(ONE-SHOT; PG-13; Drama/Romance/AU; Suho/Kris pairing; COMPLETE)
College AU. It only takes one matchbox for Joonmyun to come face to face with the most popular student in campus.

My American Idol
(ONE-SHOT; G; Xiumin/Adam Lambert; COMPLETE)
Xiumin finally meets his idol backstage at the 2012 MAMA awards.


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SKETCHES (for "Make it Work"): 1st challenge;

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